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Danvers, Mass. Prep School Headmaster: Goal Is Safety and Security



    After threats were found in a bathroom, safety precautions have been taken, causing frustration from students and concern from parents (Published Friday, Feb. 21, 2014)

    (NECN: Leslie Gaydos, Danvers, Mass.) – St. John’s Prep in Danvers, Mass. is on high alert due to threats that were found written in a bathroom.

    A letter was sent home to parents of students, stating that school officials found "threatening language" written in a bathroom for a second time, the first of which being on December 19.

    The newest alleged threat mentioned Friday morning specifically, but the school put a number of precautionary measures into place on Tuesday.

    School was in session, but faculty tried to make it as normal of a day as possible.

    The only noticeable difference on campus was the absence of backpacks, as students were not allowed to bring them to campus on Tuesday. Only clear plastic bags were allowed.

    “I was out this morning, meeting and greeting our students as they came to school. Some of them are frustrated by the fact that they couldn’t find a plastic bag big enough for all their stuff,” said school headmaster, Ed Hardiman.

    Danvers police officers will now have a presence on campus.

    “Some people are hurt that this happened in this school community. As a parent, I have four children as well. I fully understand why our parents would have some anxiety, some concern, but what we’ve constantly mentioned is our goal is the safety and security of our campus,” Hardiman continued.

    In addition, there will be limited and monitored access to bathroom facilities.