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Worcester to Boston MBTA Line Expansion Plan Delayed



    Worcester to Boston MBTA Line Expansion Plan Delayed

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) - Frank Aguayo travels by train to Boston from Worcester for school at least three times a week.

    Earlier this month, the MBTA said they would add trains to the Worcester-Boston line. But Tuesday, they announced those plans have come to a halt.

    “That's a shame because one of my classes ends at 10:15 so I got to run from school. I got like 10 minutes or so to get to the train station. If I miss it, then you know I’m really out of luck,” Aguayo said.

     “Considering how far we've come and how long this has taken, it's frustrating but I’m confident that we're going to get there,” said Tim Murray, the CEO of Worcester’s Chamber of Commerce.

    A handful of additional trains were supposed to begin next week - offering 20 round trips for commuters.

    However, the MBTA says that schedule can't start because of ongoing work at Yawkey Station.

    They say "the new schedule cannot go into effect until the station platforms can fully accommodate both inbound and outbound trains. In addition, the MBTA is taking under consideration some schedule changes suggested by customers and local officials."

    Murray says those schedule changes would be in the metro west area.

    News of the delay is frustrating Worcester’s elected leaders. They say the trains are needed for people to live and do business in Worcester.

    “Without express trains, Worcester will struggle in the future. I'll be raising this on the city council floor,” said Philip Palmieri, District Two councilor.

    “We need those trains for us to continue to be the economic engine that we want to be in Worcester to connect us with Boston,” said Rep. James O’Day.

    But Murray is confident it'll be a short term problem.

    “A couple of last minute obstacles but i think it's just a matter of weeks to get this worked out,” he concluded.