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The Beatles Legacy Living on at Berklee College of Music



    Beatles being remembered on 50 year anniversary of arriving in America (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Greg Wayland) - They dropped into the world of white bucks, duck tails and doo wop one drab February day, but after the mania, came the music. And a half century out, the Beatles tunes live on.

    Sian Wittke, a Berklee College of Music student majoring in music education, and born in 1992, said she first heard the fab four in elementary school.

    "When it came to Beatlemania, there was the hair, the jackets, but they were all interested in music," said Suzanne Clark.

    Berklee College of Music Professor Suzanne Clark teaches a course on the Beatles harmony, you know, that tight, tight harmony.

    "The harmonies are wonderful, that's one thing I definitely love about the Beatles is the vocal harmonies," added Clark. "John's voice was a little bit lower in register to Paul's and then George would also sing harmony."

    Berklee student Skip Lewan took the Beatles harmony class.

    "And basically we went through the entire repertoire of the Beatles. I mean before they even had Ringo, they used one major to one minor which before that was, especially in Western music, was very uncommon," said Lewan.

    Skip wrote a song influenced by Beatles harmonies that, to our ears, rang with harmonies and a tempo that reminded us of "Lady Madonna". He played it for us on his laptop.

    So you have Beatlemania among generations yet unborn  when John, Paul, George and Ringo invaded America a half century ago.