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Pan Am Train Derails in Westford, Mass.



    Pan Am Train Derails in Westford, Mass.

    (UPDATE: 2/20/14 2:20 PM) - Pan Am says that four cars are still off the rails. There was no spill of hazardous materials or liquid petroleum. They say regulations did not require them to notify the town of the incident, but they continue to work with town authorities at the scene to ensure safety.

    (NECN) – Between 10 and 15 cars derailed at Bridge Street and North Main Street in Westford, Mass. late Wednesday night.

    PanAm is the operator of the rail. They did not notify the town when the incident first occurred.

    At the scene, Pan Am General Manager Luke McCall told town officials that there was no hazardous material situation and they did not deem it an emergency that required them to notify the town.

    Two of the cars contained non-odorized liquid petroleum.

    No injuries have been reported, but reverse 911 calls were sent out to residents within a half mile of the derailment.

    About five cars remain off the tracks. Bridge Street is closed while crews work to restore the area.