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Great Jeans Debate: Are They Appropriate for Work?



    Great jeans debate: Are they appropriate for work?

    Steve Simon and Marianne Cohen disagree on whether or not it's acceptable to wear jeans in the workplace (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) - Americans love their jeans. In one industry survey, nearly 70-percent of women said they wear jeans to work at least twice a week and nearly 75-percent of men said they prefer to wear them over any other type of pants.

    But are jeans acceptable in the workplace?

    We begin now our great jean debate with Steve Simon, owner of National Jean Company, and Marianne Cohen, with Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

    Both sides of the debate will be represented.

    Simon says jeans are fine in the workplace. He says there’s such a misconception about jeans being for Saturday and Sunday only.

    “Everything is trending now towards a dark jean, and if it’s worn with the right shirt, blouse, blazer, it’s well accepted,” Smith says.

    He says discount stores have ruined it for denim because it’s all about the fit.

    Cohen says it’s not that you can’t wear jeans ever, but you have to know your industry because you have five to seven seconds to make a good impression.

    She says when in doubt, don’t wear the jeans. If it’s more casual, stick with business casual, wear khakis.

    Cohen says women, if they wear jeans, need to beware of pockets on the back and jeans that are too tight.

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