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Lifestyle Writer: Ultrasound Parties Are an 'overshare'



    Kara Baskin says ultrasound photos on Facebook are weird enough but having an ultrasound party goes too far (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) – It’s a private versus public debate, of sorts.

    Improvements to ultrasound technology have led to some parents-to-be inviting friends and family to share in an intimate viewing of baby in utero.

    Kara Baskin is here. She's lifestyle writer for and author of the column "The 24-hour workday."

    Baskin says ultrasound parties are an overshare.

    Why are so few things private these days?

    “Especially with babies, I feel like people are excited and that’s great, but people put their ultrasound photos on Facebook and that’s weird enough, but having a party? I think that they want to generate enthusiasm but it can go too far. I think this is too far.”

    There’s a company in Arkansas that has a mobile ultrasound unit you can rent out for a couple hundred dollars. You can bring the unit into your home, invite your friends and family for a party and then everyone views the ultrasound.
    Things could go wrong.

    “It could. You need to make sure that everything, I mean it goes without saying, that everything is anatomically correct with your baby before you do this. And make sure that you know who to invite. I think that is the biggest part. As much as you want to think that everyone is excited that you’re pregnant, and most people will be, it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm going for nine months, and then once you have the baby, you want people to be excited, too. You don’t want this kid to wear out their welcome before they’re even here.”

    Is there a more tasteful way to generate excitement for your child?

    “I would say if you do want to do it, maybe combine it with your shower. Make it one big party where you have the shower and if you want to do that big reveal, but you can only have so many parties for yourself. So why not combine it with your shower and if you want to do it great. Just be prepared for older relatives to be freaked out.”

    Baskin says you have to be sensitive to some people who may have fertility problems.

    “You’ll be the person who is most excited about your baby. So know that. Try to keep some perspective.”