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Hello Flo's Camp Gyno Video Attempting to Simplify Periods



    Hello Flo's ‘Camp Gyno’ video attempting to simplify periods

    Camp Gyno video is new ad campaign from Hello Flo, which aims to make subject of menstrual cycles more comfortable; Dr. Michael Rich discusses ‘wonderful’ video (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN) - A woman's period is not a popular topic to talk about, but there's a new ad campaign from a company called "Hello Flo," featuring a young girl, aiming to make the subject of menstrual cycles more comfortable.

    The video, Camp Gyno, has more than five million YouTube views so far.

    Dr. Michael Rich, the director for the center on media and child health at Boston Children's Hospital, is here with us to discuss.

    What does he think of it?

    “I think it’s wonderful,” he says. “As a clinician who deals with adolescent girls all the time, I think one of the things that gets most in the way of them feeling comfortable in their bodies, feeling empowered as young women and being able to take care of themselves in health-related ways is the language and the stigma attached by society to this. So I think this turns a subject that was a source of embarrassment or a feeling of being less than into a source of empowerment and it’s wonderful.”

    How does this become a teaching tool for girls and even boys?

    “I think both need to know about it. The reality is these kids know about it and are talking about it anyway but they are often talking about it in uninformed ways and in ways that are sort of giggle giggle, nudge nudge, rather than being matter of fact about it, you know,” he says. “We all eat, we all go to the bathroom and half of us have periods, so I think it’s really important that we get it out there, and what’s wonderful about this is that it has humor to it, and humor is a great smoother of all of those difficulties and lack of comfort, and in fact, humor comes out of lack of comfort and addresses those things in a beautiful way.”