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Fried Beer Intrigues Texas State Fair



    (NECN/CNN) - We've heard about some crazy fried food experiments over the past few years -- deep fried donuts, candy bars and even Twinkies.

    But fried beer is an entirely new offering, and you'll have to head to Texas to try it!

    At the Texas state fair, entrants in a friend food competition try to one up each other every year. Fried food has always been a hot item there, from fried Snickers and cheesecake to fried coke and tacos.

    But it was at a restaurant with his wife that fried beer creator Mark Zable had a revelation.

    "You know, I was at a restaurant with my wife and we were at the bar and looked at the appetizer menu and really didn't see anything that grabbed us and said, 'someone should come up with fried beer,'" he said. "Then she and I kinda looked at each other, like, yeah, that's our fried entry into the fair."

    Also on the fried competition finalist list: fried chocolate, deep fried frozen margarita, fried club salad, fried lemonade, fried caviar and fried frito pie.