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Father, Son Stabbed in Cambridge; Suspect Sought



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Cambridge, Mass.) - A young boy and his father were stabbed inside their own home during a break-in this morning.

    It happened on Pearl Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    The father was stabbed multiple times; the son, who is 11-years-old, was stabbed once.

    Investigators worked throughout the day, gathering evidence at this Pearl street home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are still searching for a suspect. A man police say attacked and stabbed an 11-year-old boy and his 53-year-old father around one in the morning after entering the home through a back door.

    Superintendent Steven Williams, Cambridge Police Department:
    "There was a scuffle. The individual stabbed the father several times and stabbed the son once."

    Both are expected to recover. The boy apparently confronted the intruder first, the father then coming to his aid. Police say the boy called 911 from a cell phone. 

    Catherine Wood:
    "We have never had a problem with violence like this and I know him, I know his son and I am heartbroken."

    Residents like Catherine Wood are now struggling to understand how something like this could happen in a Cambridgeport community she always felt was safe.

    "This is a community that knows everybody and we take of everybody so we are all just blown away," says Wood.

    Police have not yet said the motive behind the attack. As neighbors wait for answers, many say they will take extra precautions to lock their doors and be alert.  

    Don Loder:
    "I came outside and asked the police. They said someone got stabbed. I couldn't believe it.  We never have problems here."

    Linda Dahl:
    "When I heard it was a young child that was pretty scary."