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FBI, Police Respond to Shooting Outside Woonsocket Bank



    (NECN: Brad Puffer, Woonsocket, R.I.) - Police surrounded a Citizens Bank in Woonsocket, Rhode Island after a man was shot multiple times just outside the entrance.

    Chief Thomas Carey: "We do have two people of interest, two white males, one in their twenties and one in their thirties."

    Glenn Dusablon says he had just pulled up to make a withdrawal.

    Glenn Dusablon: "I heard a loud bang, and when I looked to my left I saw people coming out of the building. And when I walked around the bank I saw a man out front right outside the bank on the ground."

    Dusablon says police may have already been headed to the scene, arriving just moments after the shooting.

    Glenn Dusablon: "They hit this parking lot so fast probably fifteen cars here instantly."

    Witnesses say they believe at least one of the men fled over a fence by the back of the bank and into an adjacent apartment complex.

    Rex Palazzo: "I heard a commotion outside my room I looked out my window and saw a guy with a black hood with a red hat run this way and after that a cop came running by behind him."

    Rex Palazzo says he watched the apparent suspect then jump this fence, running through the woods to the parking lot of another apartment building. He says police then surrounded the area with guns drawn.

    Rex Palazzo: "Scary, my niece and nephew was here I was worried he was going to come running in the front door."

    By late afternoon, FBI investigators had also arrived on scene. A bank robbery would make this a federal crime, the shooting potentially a capital offense. But they were also releasing few details.

    Amylynn Miller, FBI Special Agent: "This is a joint case, investigation is being conducted by local and state and federal employees and that will continue to be the case until we find the people that did this."

    Dusablon says had it happened seconds later, it could have been him.

    Glenn Dusablon: "It was really close. I'm glad it wasn't me but I feel bad for the man who was involved."