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Woonsocket on Edge After Violent Killing



    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Woonsocket, RI) - "I heard a pop, another pop and then four more pops, about six shots total," said Paul Boisvert, a local mechanic.

    A man dead, two people on the run, and a community in shock.

    It all unfolded at this Woonsocket, Rhode Island Citizens Bank at around eleven Monday morning, when an manager of a nearby Shell gas station was depositing money for work.

    The victim's brother-in-law Paul Carr said, "You gunned him down without any chance for him, without any regard for his life, or who he was or what he was doing."

    Relatives identify the victim as 49-year-old David Main of Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    Main's brother-in-law says he was a loving husband, father and grandfather, who was working hard to put his son through college next year.

    "My nephew is a senior in high school this year, he's worked very hard and his father will not see him graduate, my sister and my brother-in-law just celebrated their 25th anniversary - an absolutely needless, senseless tragedy," said Carr.
    Now FBI agents are looking for two white males - one in his 20's and one in his 30's - and this white Ford E 450 box truck with license plate number 60867.

    Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Cary said, "We don't want the public to confront anybody in this vehicle as you know, we had someone who was shot, so these persons of interest could be dangerous or the people inside that vehicle could be dangerous."
    If you have any information on this crime, you're asked to call police.

    "When the Woonsocket Police find you, and they will find you, we do have faith that they will find you," said Carr, "the court systems hopefully will take care of whoever did this."

    NECN reporter Alysha Palumbo has more on this developing story.