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Scholarship in Honor of Bombing Victim Raises 300K



    Dick Campbell and Lauren McClain discuss the fund in honor of Krystle Campbell (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    (NECN) - The "Run for Krystle" team ran the Boston Marathon for University of Massachusetts Boston student Krystle Campbell, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

    The twin blasts at the 2013 marathon killed three and injured more than 260 others.

    For more on the scholarship in Campbell’s honor, we were joined by Dick Campbell, the person who started the effort by putting the scholarship in Krystle's name, and his daughter, Lauren McClain.

    Dick, who is unrelated to Krystle, said that when the news of the bombings came out, him and his wife wanted to do something good.

    Lauren, who ran the marathon, said the run on Campbell’s behalf gave her strength through the marathon.

    “Run for Krystle” has raised about $300,000 so far. The goal is to raise $1-million for the scholarship over time.

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