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Mass. School Improving Dismissal Process to Avoid Violence



    Officials believe having school buses instead of using the city bus would help (Published Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

    (NECN: Kristen Carosa) - Leonard Zalauskas has been working with a teacher that witnessed a shooting outside the Fanning building at a Worcester, Massachusetts public school two weeks ago. It happened five minutes after students were dismissed from classes at the building on Chatham Street. Shots were fired at four of the program's students.

    “When shots are being fired at our students, action needs to be taken,” Zalauskas said.

    Up to sixty kids attend the Challenge and Reach Academy- an alternative Worcester public school. The school committee is now looking at improving the school's dismissal process and the way students are brought home each day.

    “As we look towards our budget, we need to find funding to enable them to have transportation from the Fanning building to their homes,” suggested Dianna Biancheria, a member of the Worcester school committee.

    According to school committee member Biancheria, the students are taking public buses to and from school. The school provides them with WRTA bus passes.

    At the end of each day, students walk from the Fanning building to Main Street to catch a bus, or they walk straight to the Union Station Hub on Foster street. Many times, a teacher will walk with the students to their buses, but they are not required.  

    “If the school had their own buses this never would have happened,” Zalauskas said.

    “This is an easy fix for something that affects a number of students and staff members,” added Biancheria.

    Biancheria will be presenting a line item at Thursday night's meeting requesting the school provided transportation.

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