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Advice: How to Get Your Teen Into Casual Reading



    Advice: How to get your teen into casual reading

    Doctor Hillary Levey Friedman discusses how to get teens to enjoy reading by choice (Published Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    According to Common Sense Media, 45-percent of 17-year-olds admit they read by choice only once or twice a year.
    Doctor Hillary Levey Friedman is the author of "Playing to Win - Raising Children in a Competitive Culture".
    She joined us for more on the subject.

    She said that what is worrying is that kids are not reading for enjoyment.

    Friedman said that it’s important to be a model in showing your children the benefits of reading.

    She said another idea is that you can turn of wireless internet in the house to block access to distracting sites and apps.

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