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Role of Tutoring in College Education Prep



    Role of tutoring in college education prep

    Scott Farber of A-List Education discusses preparing for standardized tests (Published Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

    While plenty of students are already in a "summer vacation" mind-set, others are getting ready to take the ACT this weekend.

    Scott Farber, founder and CEO of “A-List Education” joined us for more on the subject.

    The United States spend $1.2 trillion annually on education and $10 billion on tutoring and test prep.

    Farber said that the money isn’t always spent in the right places, increasing need for supplementary education.

    He said “A-List Education” tries to bring this tutoring into schools so parents don’t have to absorb the costs.

    Farber recommended for students who are preparing for big tests to use the summer wisely, study vocabulary, get going on college essays and get involved in summer activities that can build a college resume.

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