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Police: Paving Company Operating With Revoked License



    Police: Paving Company Operating With Revoked License

    Bristol, Connecticut police are warning residents of a scam artist going door-to-door pushing his paving business, which lost its license in March, according to the Dept. of Consumer Protections.

    The state says 28-year-old Brian Curylo has a history of defrauding customers and is targeting elderly residents.

    According to police, Curylo often gets paid up front, promising to fix residents' driveways, and never comes back to do the work.

    “It makes me [really] angry,” said Ramon Rivera, a resident of Cynthia Court in New Britain. Rivera said Curylo used to live in the home above his. Curylo's company, Hot Top Paving, is registered to that address.

    “This guy had no respect for anyone,” Rivera said.

    Detectives say Curylo has been driving his truck door-to-door soliciting business and has been without a license for three months now.

    According to the Department of Consumer Protection, Curylo allegedly scammed people out of tens of thousands of dollars with unfinished and inferior work.

    Court records show Curylo has a number of convictions stemming from arrests in New Britain, Bristol, Plainville and Farmington, among others. The charges include but are not limited to larceny, breach of peace and motor vehicle offenses.

    NBC Connecticut went to several of Curylo's recently listed addresses but couldn’t reach him for comment.

    “Guys like him ruin it for everyone else,” Rivera said, explaining that Curylo reportedly made a mess of his driveway to earn some quick cash. “It was like a spray paint coat.”

    “The message we have for the public is be careful, do your research,” said Howard Schwartz with the Better Business Bureau. He explained the importance of researching companies ahead of time and checking their credibility before it's too late.

    If you look up Hot Top Paving, you’ll see it has a failing grade and that its license is inactive.

    “Even if you see a company name on the side of the van... you have to verify,” Schwartz said.

    So authorities have a message: if Brian Curylo shows up at your place don’t give him the money.

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