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5 Videos That You Need to See: February 4, 2016

What's everyone talking about today? Check out these must see viral videos



    5 Videos That You Need to See: February 4, 2016

    From a robber who was attacked by a store clerk after he broke in to a Bernie Sanders helping a collpased supporter, we think you should take a break from the workday to check out these five videos that have gone viral on social media.

    #1: A man dressed up as Batman and robbed two convenience stores. (WATCH)

    'Batman' Robs 2 Orlando Dollar Stores'Batman' Robs 2 Orlando Dollar Stores

    Authorities in Orlando are on the lookout for a man who robbed two dollar store locations while dressed as Batman.
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2016)

    #2: A robber broke a door after trying to escape from the clerk who fought back. (WATCH)

    Would-Be Robber Smashes Door to EscapeWould-Be Robber Smashes Door to Escape

    Police in Methuen, Massachusetts, are searching for a would-be convenience store robber who dove through a glass door to escape after the clerk fought back.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016)

    #3: Bernie Sanders rushed to help a collapsed supporter. (WATCH)

    Bernie Sanders Rushes to Help Collapsed SupporterBernie Sanders Rushes to Help Collapsed Supporter

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders left the podium at an event in N.H. to aid a supporter who collapsed.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016)

    #4: Jimmy Fallon impersonated Donald Trump on "The Tonight Show." (WATCH)

    Fallon Impersonates Trump: 1st Is the Worst, 2nd Is BestFallon Impersonates Trump: 1st Is the Worst, 2nd Is Best

    Jimmy Fallon imitates Donald Trump addressing his second-place finish in the Iowa Caucus.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016)

    #5: Check out some of this year's Superbowl Ads. (WATCH)

    Sneak Peek: Super Bowl AdsSneak Peek: Super Bowl Ads

    For some viewers, the best part of the Super Bowl broadcast is what happens between plays, the all important commercials. NBC's Mark Barger reports.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016)

    We hope you enjoyed the videos. Have a great day!

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