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Infant's Death Ruled a Homicide

An autopsy was conducted Tuesday on Shawn Sylvester Jr., who died of injuries last Sunday



    Infant's Death Ruled a Homicide

    Officials say 11-month-old Shawn Sylvester Jr. of Alexandria, New Hampshire, died of blunt impact head trauma; his mother's boyfriend has been charged with 23 counts of child pornography depicting an infant boy. (Published Friday, Nov. 20, 2015)

    The death of an 11-month-old child in New Hampshire has been ruled a homicide.

    The state medical examiner's office says Shawn Sylvester Jr. died of blunt force trauma to the head Sunday.

    "It's hard to grasp, it's hard, I can't believe it," said Timothy Sylvester.

    He's at a loss and still in shock after the death of his grandson.

    "He lived with us here most of the time," Sylvester said.

    They called the child "SJ."

    "He was happy, he liked to play, smiled a lot," Sylvester said.

    Authorities say the investigation started last Friday after a 911 call for an injured child in Alexandria. Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Peter Hinckley says SJ died from his injuries on Sunday.

    "According to the medical examiner, he died of multiple blunt trauma to the head," Hinckley said in an interview Friday.

    Hinckley would not say who was caring for the boy at the time, or who made the emergency call.

    But Sylvester tells us his son and SJ's mother are separated, and that SJ was visiting his mom the day he suffered the deadly injuries.

    "It was her visitation time, only second time she took him," Sylvester said.

    Sylvester says SJ's mom had just moved in with her boyfriend, Tommy Page, at his Alexandria home.

    Friday, Page was arrested and charged with 23 counts of child pornography depicting an infant male.

    "I can't talk about the origin and genesis of the investigation," Hinckley said.

    Hinckley would not connect SJ's death with the child pornography charges, nor confirm that Page has any relationship to the Sylvester family.
    But court documents show that Page is ordered to stay away from Denise and Shawn Sylvester.

    "I would like to find all parties responsible and I want them to suffer like he did," Sylvester said. "I just hope he is in a better place."

    Page is charged with 23 counts of child porn and is not charged in the death of Shawn Sylvester Jr.

    Page is being held on half a million dollars cash bail.

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