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After Prank, Police Teach Lesson on Giving Back



    Prank Becomes Lesson on Giving Back

    Seniors at Braintree High School in Massachusetts kicked off the school year with a parking lot prank. But when it backfired and police issued tickets, they decided to use the incident to teach students a lesson in giving back to help hurricane victims.

    (Published Monday, Sept. 11, 2017)

    The seniors at Braintree High School in Massachusetts kicked off the school year with a parking lot prank, but when it backfired, police in town decided to teach those seniors a lesson in giving back.

    The seniors came up with a creative parking maneuver with their cars to keep the juniors from parking in their spots, but when they came out after school last week, they found a Facebook post from police and surprises on their windshield.

    "Juniors were parking in our lot, and we just didn't like it, so we thought we would take up more spots so they couldn't do it anymore." said senior Evan Bernard.

    Last Friday, the Braintree High School parking lot had cars crammed in all the wrong directions.

    "It wasn't a prank, it was more like a statement to the juniors," said AJ Decoste said. "I've been waiting four years to park there."

    When the seniors got out of school that day, the Braintree Police Department had given each of the 65 cars a ticket for $15, and they had the following message waiting for them on Facebook:

    "Hey BHS Peeps! We know it has been so long since you parked in the student lot so here's a parking lot refresher. You better sit down for it.... Park 'between' the white lines. Not across. Actually we heard the 'Senyas' did this to teach the 'Junyas' a lesson for parking in their turf. We take parking lot turf wars very seriously. We 'the Po Po' are in turn teaching 65 of you a lesson. Ps: Those are not free ice cream cone coupons to Daddy's Dairy. Thank you for raising $975 for the town."

    The post blew up and got over 25,000 likes, over 5,000 comments and over 8,000 shares. They received some criticsm and some applause for their actions, but by Saturday, police put out a new Facebook post to the seniors. The post told them they could donate to the victims of the hurricane, and if they showed proof of it by next Friday their ticket would go away.

    "I think it makes the whole situation better, because in the end, we are helping people," said Bernard.

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