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Alan Dershowitz Says He Was Snubbed on Martha's Vineyard After Trump Comments



    Alan Dershowitz Raises Concerns About Social Snubbing

    Former Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz says he is being shunned on Martha's Vineyard over his defense of Donald Trump.

    (Published Thursday, July 5, 2018)

    Longtime Martha's Vineyard resident Alan Dershowitz says the island has always been a place where people check their politics at the door -- where locals and the seasonal elite could meet on the porch of the Chilmark General Store to share ideas. But not anymore, according to the noted attorney and professor emeritus at Harvard University.

    "They really think that President Trump is destroying the country, and what they're most appalled at, regarding me, is that I've been successful, that I've changed the conversation, that I've persuaded people that the firing of Comey is not an obstruction of justice," he said.

    Dershowitz says his defense of President Trump's civil liberties has caused some in the liberal enclave to snub him. Members of Dershowitz's social circle have, in fact, publicly criticized him and cut him from their A-list dinner parties.

    "At a party the other night, it was reported to me that a woman said, 'If Alan Dershowitz were here, I would stab him in the heart,'" he said.

    Clerk Pulls Out Machete on Would-Be Robber

    [NATL] Clerk Pulls Out Machete on Would-Be Robber

    A would-be robber armed with a knife had a surprise in store when an Alabama store clerk pulled out a machete in defense. The two's brief knife fight was caught on camera before the clerk runs out to damage the robber's car.

    According to police, suspect Seth Holcomb walked up to the counter to make a purchase. He leaves the store and then comes back in as if to make a second purchase. Then, he pulled out a knife at the counter. What he didn't expect was that the clerk would pull out a machete of his own.

    (Published Wednesday, March 20, 2019)

    Dershowitz says people don't want to hear two sides of any issue regarding Trump.

    "If Hillary Clinton had been elected -- and I wish she had been, I worked very hard on her campaign, and they were trying to lock her up -- I'd be saying the exactly the same thing, and people would be applauding me and hugging me and thinking I was a hero," Dershowitz said.

    Asked if he thinks Donald Trump is dangerous or hurting the country, he said, "I do, I think that we should work together to try to make sure we elect Democrats."

    Dershowitz says none of this will affect his daily visits to the Chilmark General Store, where he says he still has custody of the porch.

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