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Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into New Hampshire Home

Police say the homeowner was sitting in her living room when a car crashed into the house



    Alleged Drunk Driver Slams Into Home

    A New Hampshire woman is charged with crashing into a Northfield home while driving under the influence.

    (Published Thursday, March 1, 2018)

    Police say an apparent drunk driver drove into a home on Peverly Road in Northfield, New Hampshire on Wednesday night around 9 p.m.

    Police say they received a call of someone driving erratically. When police arrived at the scene, Tonia Dukette had driven her car into the living room where the homeowner Brenda-lee Lockwood was sitting.

    Dukette was given sobriety tests that police say she failed. Dukette was charged with a driving while intoxicated (DWI).

    Lockwood was taken to the hospital with minor cuts and bruises.

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    "I didn't have time to react," Lockwood said. "I just didn't know what happened. I was just sitting there watching TV when all of the sudden I heard like a bang. Then, the next thing I know I was covered with stuff."

    According to Northfield Police Detective Brian Beach, "She just clearly drove from the road into the woman's drive way and launched herself off a snow bank into the house."

    Police said Dukette many have been out celebrating her birthday.

    "I'm sorry but you know there's designated drivers in the world," said Lockwood. "You don't have to drive. You do kind of get ticked when your house is destroyed for stupidity."

    Lockwood said, after she calmed down, she became thankful.

    "A couple of my really nice neighbors came over and I think that's when the scared hit me," Lockwood said. "That's when I realized, I was lucky."

    For now, Lockwood is staying with her sister temporarily.

    "Stuff can be replaced, but there's only one of me and you know...I'm lucky," Lockwood said. "I was being watched out for by somebody."

    Lockwood said her next step us to talk to the insurance company to assess the damages done to her home.

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