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'Angel in Disguise': 82-Year-Old Woman Meets Teenage Rescuer



    NH Woman Gets to Meet Rescuer

    An 82-year-old woman thanked the teenager she says saved her life on Lake Winnipesaukee.

    (Published Friday, May 18, 2018)

    It was an emotional reunion Friday captured by NBC10 Boston's cameras as a Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, woman met the young man who she says saved her life this week on Lake Winnipesaukee.

    "Oh my gosh," said 82-year-old Susan MacMartin as she embraced 18-year-old Zach Cray.

    It was a moment that may never have happened if weren't for him.

    "My goodness," said MacMartin. "An angel in disguise."

    New Study Says Beards are 'Dirtier' Than Dogs

    [NATL] New Study Says Beards are 'Dirtier' Than Dogs

    A recent study suggests that a man's beard contains more germs than a dog's fur. All 18 men's beards studied by researchers at Switzerland's Hirslanden Clinic had higher levels of bacteria in them, compared to only 23 out of 30 dogs. Some beards had so much beard bacteria the men could get sick, the study says.

    (Published Wednesday, April 24, 2019)

    MacMartin relived the terrifying moment when her car jumped the Wolfeboro town docks Monday afternoon and landed in the water.

    "I picked up my foot, supposedly to put on the brake, and I must've hit the accelerator," she explained. "And then — into the lake I went."

    As the water kept rising, and the doors wouldn't open, she thought, "This could go either way, but I want to get out of here."

    And just seconds later, she saw Cray swimming over to help.

    "Boy, oh boy, you sure were good looking coming across that water," MacMartin told Cray.

    Cray says he didn't hesitate to drop his fishing gear and jump in the lake.

    "It was a gut instinct," Cray said. "I was focused on keeping her calm."

    "That's just what he said, 'I'm here, I've got you, you're not going drown, I promise,'" MacMartin recalled. "I put all my eggs in his basket."

    "I've never heard anyone say that before, it's just overwhelming," Cray said. "It feels really good."

    Cray pulled MacMartin through the window and brought her to safety without a scratch.

    "Somebody was looking over and it must've been you," MacMartin told Cray.

    "I'm just glad that I was there," he responded.

    Mumps Outbreak Hits Indiana University

    [NATL] Mumps Outbreak Hits Indiana University

    Officials at Indiana University's main campus say they now have 20 confirmed cases of mumps at the school as of February. Cases were logged among students in dormitories and off-campus housing.

    (Published Tuesday, April 23, 2019)

    Cray's parents say their greatest goal in life was to raise kids who will do the right thing even when they aren't looking.

    "We are incredibly proud," said Cray's mom, Ericka Bickford. "He made the right choice and he did exactly what we hoped he would've done."

    Cray says he can't believe at all the recognition he's getting.

    In fact, the Celtics called this week and at the team's next home playoff game, Cray will be honored for his heroic actions.

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