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Protesters March to Keep Guns Off Boston Streets



    Protesters March to Keep Guns Off Boston Streets

    These Boston teens are hoping that stricter laws will help keep guns off the street. (Published Saturday, March 24, 2018)

    February 14th in Parkland, Florida was a reminder of what gun violence looks like and in Boston people say that it happens all the time and they’re hoping to get guns out of the hands of the wrong people.

    From the chants heard—to the signs read, the Boston Common was full of people wanting to see gun laws changed.

    "We don’t know who has them. Anyone out here can have them," Michael Chamblain said.

    This has been a concern for Chamblain for the last 14 years, because as a teenager he lost one of his best friends to gun violence.

    "It’s nothing new in the community of Boston. It’s just really in the forefront now with something so big happening in Florida," he said.

    The February 14th tragedy broke hearts across the United States. But now millions participated in the March For Our Lives rallies around the nation.

    There were many teenagers who have never had to live through a school shooting. But their signs tell a story of gun violence on the streets of Boston and Chelsea.

    At just 17-years-old, Deja Freeman can count on one hand how many loved ones she’s lost to gun violence. Participating in the march stirs frustrations for her and her friends.

    "Our faces are just targets," Freeman said. "They don’t see us as people. They don’t see our lives.There’s no need for us to do this march right now if people were there for us in the first place to stop this from happening."

    The chants in Boston are loud, and people like Chamblain are hoping it’s loud enough for politicians to bring change to how guns get on our streets.

    "If less people have them, that gives the chance of less situations happening, so with stricter laws, maybe people will think twice about selling them and maybe people will think twice about if they really need them."

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