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2 Barges Catch Fire During Fireworks Display



    2 Barges Catch Fire During Fireworks Display
    Julia Nittler

    Fires broke out on two barges setting off fireworks at the end of the Fourth of July display in Plymouth, Massachusetts, fire officials confirm.

    It appears the first fire broke out just around 9:30 p.m. on Monday in the Plymouth Harbor, as viewers turned to Twitter to express concern. The second one appeared shortly after, Plymouth Police said.

    Carley Ryan, 18, of Carver said she was on a Captain John Fishing Boat for a firework tour with her boyfriend and family when about 15 minutes into the show, they noticed something was wrong.

    "It was like a grand finale," Ryan told NBC Connecticut about the first barge fire. "The whole boat shook too. So, it was too big of an explosion to be a normal firework."

    Ryan, who tweeted a video of only part of the original incident, said there was a "big, thick cloud of smoke" and it appeared the harbor master went over shortly after to help people on the barge. 

    Plymouth Police tweeted that malfunctions were the cause of both the fires and that the fire marshal is investigating.

    No injuries were reported.