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Boston 2016 Summer Ranking in Top 10 Hottest

For the summer of 2016 so far, we've experienced 17 days with high temperatures at or above 90



    Weather Forecast: Sunday Preview

    Sunday: Another sunny day with a chance for showers late north. Highs range into the low to mid 80s. (Published Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016)

    We're in the final stretch of one of the hottest and driest summers on record for the Boston area.

    September brings Labor Day Weekend, the first day of school, and the start of autumn. Now, the first day of meteorological fall is September 1st, otherwise, the first day of astronomical fall is September 22nd on the fall equinox, which marks the day that the sun is directly over the equator before it makes its southern descent, crossing the imaginary line from the Sun to the Earth's equator. As we quickly approach the first day of meteorological fall, let's take a look back at summer 2016 (June, July, and August) for the Boston area. 

    For the summer of 2016 so far, we've experienced 17 days with high temperatures at or above 90. Out of those 17 days, that included a 6-day heat wave with the highest temperature of the summer on July 22nd: 98. Summer 2015 was not nearly as hot as only 10 days registered at or above 90. Typically, we see 13.5 days in the 90 heat during a Boston summer.

    As of Aug. 25, Boston's 2016 summer ranks the sixth hottest on record, with an average temperature of 82. With the extreme summer heat, especially towards the second half of the summer, coupled with the lack of rainfall, it's no wonder why we are under an extreme drought. During a time period that we should see almost eleven inches of rainfall, summer 2016 ranks as the third driest on record with a total of 3.92" of rainfall as of Aug. 25; 1957 still ranks as the driest as that summer only received 3.97". With some rain in the forecast to wrap up the end of August, we could either tie or move to the driest summer on record for Boston. 

    Stay tuned for the very latest rankings once we turn the calendar from August to September. The 10-day forecast does show a more fall-like pattern just in time for Labor Day Weekend, with highs into the upper 70s under plenty of sunshine.