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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Seeks to Toughen Rules on Short-Term Rentals



    Mayor Walsh Proposes New Short-Term Rental Regulations

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has made strict new proposals for short-term rentals, like those available through Airbnb, within the city.

    (Published Wednesday, May 9, 2018)

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wants to toughen regulations on short-term rentals like those made through online platforms like Airbnb.

    Walsh said Wednesday he's filed an amended citywide ordinance that aims to prevent operators from monopolizing Boston's housing market with short-term rentals.

    "Thoughtful regulation of short-term rentals that balance our efforts to preserve housing affordability with the growing demand for short-term rentals is key to keeping our communities stable," the mayor said. "Boston is a great place to live and visit, and we look forward to responsibly incorporating the growth of the home-share industry into our work to create affordable housing options for all."

    The proposed rules are aimed at investor-owned apartments and would allow people to rent a room in their home or a spare unit provided they own and live in the property.

    Airbnb Clashes with Boston City Councilor

    [NECN] Airbnb Clashes with Boston City Councilor

    Airbnb recently sent out an email to thousands of it’s users in Boston. Claiming she wants to bring in unreasonable restrictions on home sharing, and is alligned with big hotel interests.


    (Published Tuesday, April 24, 2018)

    The Massachusetts House and Senate have passed separate bills that would regulate short-term rentals.

    Airbnb has applauded the Senate bill, but said the House bill goes too far.

    The company issued a statement Wednesday saying it is "disappointed the city is pursuing an approach to home sharing rules that violates federal laws, harms middle class Bostonians, and doesn't full consider the input from the thousands of families already using home sharing to pay the bills."

    Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Lodging Association called Walsh's proposal "a balanced one that recognizes the legitimacy of true homesharing while reining in illegal hotels that are contributing to Boston's housing crisis and diminishing the quality of life and unique character of Boston's neighborhoods."

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