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2015 Papal Visit

2015 Papal Visit

Pope Francis' First U.S. Visit, Sept. 22-27

Boston Middle School Students Excited for Pope's Visit



    Boston Middle School Students Excited for Pope's Visit

    Students of the Nativity Preparatory School in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood shared their thoughts on Pope Francis' trip to the U.S. (Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2015)

    During a current events lunch at the Nativity Preparatory School in Boston, the topic was Pope Francis and his trip to the United States.

    "He talks about issues that everyone can relate to," said eighth grader Quante Sander. "Doesn't matter if you're Catholic or not. Doesn't matter your religion."

    These Jamaica Plain middle schoolers have been following the pontiff's comings and goings all week. Thursday, they watched as he became the first pope to address Congress, all of them saying they will remember his message of mercy regarding the poor and immigrants.

    "It's something that I agree with," said seventh grader Christopher Cene. "Like he said, we are all immigrants or we are the descendants of immigrants."

    Nativity Prep is a Jesuit institution with about 75 male students. Pope Francis is a Jesusit himself, so the importance he places on social justice is not something that's lost on these young minds and souls.

    "I'm just really pleased to see their reaction," said Rev. John Woronski, the school's president. "I think it's great that the pope is here to give an example of what it means to really be a man for others."

    The pope has generated a lot of good will and good feelings during his trip to the U.S. Like a lot of people, the faculty, staff and students at Nativity Prep hope those feelings last even after he's gone.

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