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Bride-to Be's Nightmare: Airline Loses Wedding Dress

Bride-to-be says Spirit Airlines tells her, "We'll find it," but she doesn't believe them



    Bride-to Be's Nightmare: Airline Loses Wedding Dress
    Jessica Motta

    A Stoneham, Massachusetts bride-to-be suffered one of the worst nightmares imaginable when she says the airline lost her wedding dress as she was enroute to her wedding. 

    Jessica Motta says she was flying Spirit Airlines from Logan Airport to Fort Myers on Thursday for her New Year's Eve wedding, and the airline lost her luggage; makeup, vacation clothes, and the wedding dress. 

    According to Motta the airline mislabeled her bag and they say it ended up in Atlanta. 

    "The baggage attendant in Fort Myers told me not to worry and he's confident they'll find the bag," Motta said. 

    Motta has been in touch with Spirit Airlines and they told her the bag was to be delivered in Fort Myers on Saturday night, but it did not arrive.

    "I'm not believing them," said Motta.

    Motta says Spirit Airlines did offer her up to $25 a day to buy replacement items, but that will not cover the cost of her lost belongings. 

    "I've never had a problem before this, but now it's been hell trying to get this bag back," Motta said. "This was supposed to be a happy joyous time but I'm miserable."

    Spirit Airlines has yet to respond to NBC Boston's phone message regarding this incident.

    Motta says her backup plan is to shop for a white dress.

    "The wedding will go on as planned," Motta said.

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