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Celtics Lose to Cavaliers 135-102 and Are Eliminated From Playoffs



    Celtics Avery Bradley talks about the disappointment of losing to the Cavaliers and the experience gained from advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals.

    (Published Friday, May 26, 2017)

    The Boston Celtics were knocked out of the playoffs, following a 135-102 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    The Cavs won the series 4-1 and will now face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

    "We obviously have to keep growing as a group, getting better. We obviously see the team to get past is Cleveland. Right now, we're not there, we're not where we need to be," Celtics Al Horford said after the game.

    "This is just great learning for all of us of how far we have to go," Celtics coach Brad Stevens said.

    Horford: 'The Team to Get Past is Cleveland. Right Now, We're Not There'

    [NECN] Horford: 'The Team to Get Past is Cleveland. Right Now, We're Not There'

    Celtics Al Horford talks about the series against the Cavaliers and how the Celtics currently don't have what it takes to beat Cleveland.

    (Published Friday, May 26, 2017)

    During the pre-game broadcast, TNT reported that LeBron James was suffering from a, "bug." James showed no ill effects in the game, finishing with 35 points.

    James also became the all-time leading scorer in playoff history, surpassing Michael Jordan.

    Avery Bradley led the Celtics in scoring with 23 points

    After spirited performances in games 3 and 4 in Cleveland, the Celtics came out flat tonight in Boston. In fact, the Celtics never had the lead in any of the three games in Boston.

    "I'll probably be discouraged with how we played in a couple of these home games," Stevens lamented.

    James shot 5 for 5 from the field and added 6 assists and 4 rebounds in the first quarter, driving the Cavaliers to a 43-27 lead. 43 points set a Cavs playoff record for the most points scored in a quarter.

    The second quarter offered little relief for Boston. Bradley scored the last 11 points in a row and finished the half with 19 points, but the Celtics proved incapable of stopping the Cavaliers from scoring.

    The Cavaliers set a team playoff record for points in a half and lead the Celtics 75-57. James had 20 points and Deron Williams added 14 at the intermission.

    The Cavaliers stretched the lead to 35 points in the third quarter, 109-74.

    Once the sting of the loss to the Cavs wears off, the Celtics' 2017 playoff run will be remembered for Isaiah Thomas' valiant performance while coping with the death of his sister, a spectacular game 7 win over the Wizards, and a miraculous comeback win in game 3 against the Cavs.

    Overall, the Celtics exceeded expectations this season.

    "We had a great year. In some ways we made a run at it. We made progress. But not good enough," said Stevens

    Boston looks forward to the NBA Draft on June 22, when the Celtics have the first overall pick.