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City's Plan for Goose Removal Sparks Controversy



    Goose Removal Sparks Controversy in Beverly

    Parks in Beverly, Massachusetts, have been taken over by Canada geese.

    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017)

    Parks in Beverly, Massachusetts, are perfect for playing games, riding bikes or just enjoying a midday walk. But city officials say some visitors aren't welcome there — a response drawing criticism from residents.

    Flocks of geese have taken over outdoor spaces, like at Lynch Park, leaving behind some not-so-pleasant surprises for park-goers.

    "There's too many geese," said 6-year-old Parker Alanis. "I don't want to be stepping in geese poop!"

    "Canada Geese pose a public health risk to humans," city officials said in a statement. "Goose fecal matter can contain various viruses, bacteria, and parasites."

    "If they're playing and they don't know, it could be really dangerous for them," said Parker's mother, Sophia Alanis.

    So starting this week, the city contracted with a company to round up the geese both at Lynch Park and at Beverly High School athletic fields, saying, "the animals are humanely captured using net propulsion devices and then taken off site where the animals are humanely euthanized."

    They say the goose meat is then donated to various organizations in need, including homeless shelters. But the move has some people here in Beverly crying "fowl."

    "They're living creatures and they're hanging out in our park and they're just enjoying it like everybody else," argued Scott Myers of Beverly.

    "I don't think it's a great idea," said Kathy Gobeille of Beverly. "As far as like using it for food for homeless shelters, I've never heard — I can't even believe they're edible."

    Others think it's a smart way to try to solve this problem.

    "It seems like they're doing something useful while ridding the park of goose poop everywhere," said Chris Albano of Beverly.

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