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Clucked Up Morning: Dozens of Chicken and Geese Escape on Streets of Medford, Massachusetts



    Exclusive video shows Gorham Street in Medford, Massachusetts, around 4 a.m. after police say 40 chickens and 12 geese were let out of a trailer by a drunk neighbor. (Published Friday, Dec. 2, 2016)

    Dozens of chickens and geese ran wild on a street early Friday morning in Medford, Massachusetts.

    "I looked out the window and there were chickens everywhere," said neighbor Sal Clemente. "It was a chicken breakout."

    It was 4 a.m. on Gorham Street. Larry Anderson had 40 chickens and 12 geese in a trailer outside his home when police say a drunk neighbor -- claiming animal cruelty -- broke into the trailer and pried open the cages.

    "All of my neighbors came out," said Anderson. "Trying to get the chickens -- it's like herding cats, you can't do it."

    Larry was keeping the birds in the trailer overnight, in the middle of moving them from farm to farm.

    "I don't think they've ever seen asphalt or cement in their lives," said Anderson.

    The chickens went every which way while the geese took off up the block.

    "We actually used hockey nets to catch most of the geese," said Anderson. "It was madness."

    In exclusive video obtained by necn, Anderson can be seen trying to catch his birds, as neighbors who woke up from the commotion joined in to wrangle all the animals.

    "I moved here a month ago," said neighbor Sophy Tuttle. "I thought it was a nice, quiet street."

    Hours later, bird droppings and some feathers still fouled up the street.

    It took until the afternoon for all the birds to be corralled. One goose remains missing.

    Medford Police tell necn the man who set the birds free is a 20-year-old college student. He will likely face charges.

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