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Coaches Credited With Saving Football Player's Life



    Coaches Credited With Saving Football Player's Life

    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015)

    The quick actions of some high school football coaches in Maine may have saved a player's life.

    Last weekend, Leavitt Area High School lineman Adam Smith was hit in the abdomen by another player wearing a cast.

    Smith can be seen in game footage doubling over after the hit, holding his stomach.

    According to Head Football Coach Mike Hathaway, an assistant coach was adamant that the player needed to see a physician right away.

    Dr. Kate Quinn, the opposing team's physician, examined Smith on the sidelines and immediately called for an ambulance, recognizing that he could have a ruptured spleen.

    Once at Maine Medical Center, doctors determined Smith had a Grade V spleen injury, which is the most serious type. It can be life-threatening, if it is not treated immediately.

    Smith spent some time in the intensive care unit, but has now been upgraded to satisfactory condition. He is expected to remain at the hospital for the rest of the week.

    His teammates have been visiting him, and his coach says they are a bit shaken up by the extent of his injury.

    "I think they can take comfort in the fact that everyone who is responsible for their safety did their job," said Hathaway. "They know if something happens, the doctors, coaches, and trainers will do what they can to help them."  

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