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New Hampshire Man Accused of Breaking Into Home Naked, Choking Dog

Police say the naked intruder nearly killed the family's golden retriever



    Dog Hurt by Alleged Naked Burglar

    Police said Irakoze Ildephonse, 28, appeared high on drugs when he ran through a Concord apartment complex Wednesday and strangled a dog before he was tasered by police.

    (Published Thursday, June 21, 2018)

    Two women escaped a violent home invasion in Concord, New Hampshire, but police say the intruder nearly killed their golden retriever.

    That dog is going to survive, but it was a terrifying afternoon for a mom and her daughter who live on the second floor of an apartment building at 32 Cherry Street.

    They say they were shocked to see a naked man climbing up to their balcony.

    “He was so angry,” Brenda Rines told NBC10 Boston.

    What happened to Rines and her 19-year-old daughter Wednesday afternoon is something right out of a horror film.

    “He’s nuts, he’s crazy, we just had to get out of there, it was really frightening,” she said.

    Police say the suspect was wearing a robe when he started frantically banging on doors at the Concord apartment building.

    “Next thing you know, my daughter looks over and says, ‘Oh my God, he’s coming up our balcony with no clothes on,” Rines recalled.

    She and her daughter ran to their car as fast as they could, locked the doors and called police.

    Turns out, their dog, Wendell, who was still inside, suffered the worst of the attack.

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    “My dog’s nose got cut, his eyes were all bloodshot, I don’t know whether he pulled his collar or used an extension cord, no idea,” Rines said.

    Concord Police Lt. Sean Ford said it took a taser and five officers to subdue the man who they think was on drugs.

    “When officer arrived, he was throwing property from within the apartment and throwing shards of glass directly at the officers,” Lt. Ford said.

    The man, Irakoze Ildephones, faced a judge Thursday on a slew of charges including burglary, assault, and animal cruelty.

    Rines, her daughter, and Wendell are living in a hotel while crews work to clean the blood and glass from their apartment so there’s no trace of the nightmare they endured.

    “He fought police, he fought a dog, who knows what he would’ve done, we just got out,” Rines said.

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    Police say Ildephones had just been arrested at the beginning of the week for trying to attack police officers. He was out on bail when this happened.

    He’s now being held on $15,000 cash only.

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