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Cow on the Loose Hits the Highway

Cow Loose on Highway

A cow was on the loose and wandered on Interstate 395 in Griswold on Tuesday. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015)

A runaway cow hit the highway in Griswold on Tuesday, turning drivers’ heads and slowing traffic to a cow’s pace to ensure that the animal was not injured.

Kristy Tardif shot video as the cow meandered down the highway, crossing in front of a car that slowed down to allow it to pass.

Then, the cow moved over into the breakdown lane as cars continued to edge by.

"Um, what do you do," Tardif said in the video.

Glen Norman, of Norman Farm, said his dairy cow was loose for most of the day.

He realized she was missing on Tuesday afternoon and spent much of the day looking for her, to realize his cow had traveled about a half mile from the farm to Interstate 395.

The cow’s day out has come to an end. She found her way back to the barn at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday.