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First Responders Injured in Boston Fire



    2-Alarm Fire in Boston's North End

    (Published Tuesday, April 14, 2015)

    Firefighters are battling a 2-alarm blaze at a vacant building in Boston's North End neighborhood, and first responders have been transported, authorities confirm.

    Authorities say the crews arrived at the fire at 3 Stillman Place at 3:57 p.m. Tuesday.

    "And we ran outside and we saw that it was huge, like the fire was like 20, 30 feet in the air," said 15-year-old Sofia Mendoza.

    The Mendoza family of the North End won't be staying at their home Tuesday after a fire burned through the third and fourth floors at an attached vacant building next door.

    "Lots of smoke in the alley. I was in one of the bathrooms, came out, and we had lots of smoke in our apartment. I immediately just ran out, didn't grab anything except us and the dogs," said Karen Mendoza.

    Two firefighters were hurt and treated- one was dehydrated, one with burns.

    And police officer Shana Cottone, breathed in too much smoke, after helping to alert people in surrounding apartments. She also saved lives at the marathon two years ago.

    "I kicked in the second floor door and there was a guy in there with a dog. And his apartment was filled with smoke, I was like 'get out of here there's a fire," said Officer Cottone.

    The third and fourth floors of the apartment building are gutted at 3 Stillman Place, and part of the roof collapsed.

    "There was some renovation work going on. To what extent I don't know just yet, so it remains to be seen what the cause was," Boston Fire Spokesman Steve MacDonald said.

    But while the Mendozas were able to get out safely, they are angry and say they have raised concerns with the city and the landlord for years.

    "The fault here is on the landlady who for 20 years has done nothing about it. We have asked her repeatedly," said George Mendoza.

    The landlord is Eleanor Jean of Medford. Necn wanted to speak with her to find out her side of the story, but she would not talk.

    The inspectional services office confirms there was a permit to repair balconies issued in February, but has not commented on any additional complaints about that building over the years.

    The Boston Fire chief estimates damage at $1,000,000. The cause remains under investigation.

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