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Critics Bemoan Uncertainty in Trump's Response to Syria



    Trump Says 'Nothing' Off the Table in Response to Syria

    President Donald Trump says he will make a decision on how to respond to an apparent chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government.

    (Published Monday, April 9, 2018)

    President Donald Trump says he will soon decide what action to take against Syria for a suspected chemical attack, but critics say uncertainty is part of the problem.

    "My fear is that rather than finding a way here to resolve these issues, ultimately diplomatically, is that we could see a significant escalation in the Middle East," said Sen. Ed Markey.

    The Democratic senator says the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria is a clear violation of international norms and that Russia and Iran must be held accountable for the actions of the Syrian government. But Markey also faults President Trump.

    "He has been much too weak in his confrontation with Russia and their adventurism in the Middle East," Markey said.

    Congressman Seth Moulton says that Congress needs to do its job and debate an authorization for the use of military force so that American troops know what their role is and what they are fighting for. He also points to a lack of leadership on the part of President Trump.

    "One minute, the President says, 'We're getting out, we don't have any role there.' The next minute, he's saying 'We're doubling down and getting back in,'" Rep. Moulton, a veteran, said. "That's not fair to our troops."

    Boston University Professor Joe Wippl expects that President Trump will react in a more lethal way than he did last year following a chemical attack in Syria.

    "Do I think it's a good idea? Probably not. I think the best idea that he could possibly have is a political solution," Wippl said.

    Both the Syrian government and Russia strongly deny any involvement in the chemical attack. They accuse rebels of fabricating it.

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