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Dog's Electrocution Sparks Concern in Boston Pet Owners



    Pet Owners Concerned After Dog's Electrocution

    Two dogs were shocked, one fatally, by stray voltage underground in South Boston.

    (Published Monday, April 2, 2018)

    Dog owners are on alert after two incidents this year involving stray voltage under the ground in South Boston.

    Two dogs have been shocked in separate incidents, one fatally.

    In one of the incidents, the dog was shocked while drinking water from a puddle on Castle Island. The puddle had become electrified from a stray volt from a light pole, which had likely been damaged from rodents chewing wires, according to the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

    City Councilor Ed Flynn says it's a quality of life problem, and he's calling on hearings to figure out why it's happening and what can be done.

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    "I don't think it can 100 percent be solved, but I think we can limit the possibility of it happening," said Flynn. "It's very scary for pets, pet owners. Stray voltage is a major problem now."

    Alyssa Angers says there's not much she can do differently to better protect her 8-month-old Golden Retriever, Willie.

    "Well, clearly, I'm here, so I'm probably not as worried as I should be," said Angers, who was walking her dog on Castle Island. "But I have heard about it though community boards on Facebook."

    It's hoped the public hearing will take place in the next two or three weeks.

    Contractors have checked out the light fixtures on Castle Island and say right now, there's no issue with stray voltage.

    Flynn says it's not an issue just impacting South Boston, but other pockets of the city, as well.

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