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Animals Found Living in Deplorable Conditions in Connecticut



    59 Cats Rescued from Home in Wolcott

    Police rescued 59 cats from a Wolcott home strewn with urine and feces and found another cat dead in the freezer. (Published Friday, Nov. 20, 2015)

    Wolcott police removed dozens of cats from a home on Finch Road on Friday.

    Conditions inside the home were "deplorable," with feces and urine throughout the house, according to police.

    “These conditions are horrific, absolutely horrific,” said Animal Control Officer Roslyn Nenninger.

    In all, 60 cats were found in the home, along with two dogs. Police say one cat, which appeared to have been euthanized by a veterinarian, was found in the freezer.

    The remaining 59 cats were suffering from various ailments including heart murmur, bad teeth, dehydration, and upper respiratory issues. All of them are being taken to local veterinarians to be checked. The animals are being housed at the Wolcott and Woodbury pounds while they recover.

    "Tomorrow continues the task of getting all these babies vet checked and cleaned up. This was definitely a group effort as a town, and community coming together for the benefit of these animals," the Wolcott Dog Pound said on Facebook. "THANK YOU to Meriden ACO Sarah Bacon, Southbury ACO Donielle Kish and her husband Tom, The Wolcott Police Department, and the tireless volunteers that helped us today, including our own families and friends."

    Animal control officers said they have been watching the home for about a year, and began receiving complaints from neighbors about the condition of the home in September. Nenninger reached out to the property owner offering help, but the homeowner refused and police were forced to apply for a search warrant.

    Police believe the homeowner was operating a cat rescue organization called Egyptian Cat Rescue, but that neuter and spay clinics were turning away animals in the program because they were in such poor health.

    Officers did not name the woman who lives in the home, but said it is possible she could face charges. NBC Connecticut reached out to the owner of Egyptian Cat Rescue of America who told us her attorney advised her not to comment.

    Animal Control says they will need donations to help care for the cats. Anyone interested in donating can contact animal control through their facebook page. Donations can be dropped off at the Wolcott Police Department, the Boundline Road facility in Wolcott or the Woodbury Animal Control facility.

    "Every little bit helps," Wolcott Dog Pound officials said on Facebook.

    These are the items Animal Control is requesting:

    •  Cat food (preferably dry, but any type will be accepted)
    • Cat litter
    • Towels
    • Newspapers
    • Pee pads
    • Monetary donations to go toward veterinary costs

    Wolcott animal control officials said not to call about adoptions at this time.