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Emu That Fled Captivity Is Returned to Sanctuary



    Runaway Emu Captured in Maine

    An emu that escaped is back at an animal sanctuary in Lisbon, Maine.

    (Published Friday, June 1, 2018)

    An escape artist emu known as "The Bird" that got loose has been returned to its animal sanctuary in Maine.

    Lisbon police, an animal control officer and much of the town searched throughout the day Thursday for the 5-foot-4-inch emu that escaped from its sanctuary. A spokeswoman for the sanctuary says the 19-year-old bird was captured near a neighbor's house.

    The Bangor Daily News reports someone caring for The Bird was moving it to its summer residence when the flightless, ostrich-like animal bolted.

    Police had said the 100-pound emu was somewhere in the woods. Animal officials say it previously attempted another escape a decade ago, but was caught.

    Rare Footage Shows Last Surviving Member of Amazonian Tribe

    [NATL] Brazilian Indigenous Man Chops Down a Tree in the Amazon, Rare Footage Shows

    Brazil's National Indian Foundation released footage from 2011 of an indigenous man who is believed to be the last surviving member of his tribe chopping down a tree in the Amazon.

    (Published 5 hours ago)

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