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Little League Official Charged With Embezzling $12,500



    (Published Friday, June 19, 2015)

    A former Little League official in Enfield is accused of embezzling $12,500 from the league and police have arrested her.

    Police arrested Kristie Perez-Bonilla, of Suffield, on Tuesday after she confessed to police that she took the funds while treasurer of the league, police said.

    Officials discovered $12,500 was missing from the Thomsonville league's account when Enfield and Thomsonville Little Leagues merged earlier in the year.

    "The funds for the league are limited. It's not an unlimited supply of money. It's for the kids," Enfield Little League parent Bob Santy said.

    Brian Delano, the current Enfield Little League's treasurer, said the league "got whatever financials that we could get our hands on, and then from there turned it over to the police department."

    The money taken came from grassroots efforts, such as donations, concessions and tournaments to raise money, according to Joe Chaplin, Enfield Little League vice president.

    The money stolen was crucial to league operation. The funds raised pays for things including equipment and field improvements.

    "We are trying to hopefully talk the town into letting us put a sprinkler system here," Delano said.

    Enfield Little League officials are hoping to get the money back and hope that the only thing stolen in the future is a perhaps a base or two on the field.

    "That's all we really care about, you know, the money is for the kids, we wanted to get back to the kids, so whatever we have to do, we are willing to do," Delano said.

    Enfield police said Perez-Bonilla is remorseful and might have fallen on hard financial times.

    In the meantime, league officials said they have to plan for the future.

    "We're going to move on. We're going to raise money, we're going to make sure the monies in the proper hands, and we're going to move forward," Chaplin said.

    Police charged Perez-Bonilla with third-degree larceny. The department released her on a non-surety bond.