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Enfield Mall Casino Could Be Back on the Table



    Enfield Split on Casino Issue with Deadline Hours Away

    (Published Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015)

    It is down to the wire, but the operators of Enfield Square Mall say they are considering submitting a request for proposal to put a casino at the site, even though the town struck down the idea, citing a lack of public support.

    Reached by phone Thursday night, Marty Pelosi, the mall manager, said missing information was a big stumbling block as to why the town said no to the idea in the first place. He says by having the developer submit a request for proposal, it could help fill in the blanks that left residents uneasy.

    “Our hope is that we could get more questions answered as one of the submitters,” Pelosi said. “And possibly change the perception on a casino in Enfield.”

    Pelosi said if there is another way to keep the topic alive, the mall would like to work with the town to do it. However, Mayor Scott Kaupin says the news came as a shock.

    “It does not sit well with me right now,” Mayor Kaupin said. “It was an end run around the town of Enfield and around the process that was set up by the legislature.”

    The Enfield Town Council says there are reasons why decided not to take up the proposal, and the mall should listen.

    “There was too much that would have to be done by the community to even fathom bringing gaming to Enfield,” Councilman Bill Lee said.

    The operators of Enfield Square Mall say they will make a final decision about whether to submit a request for proposal on a conference call Friday morning. Requests are due to the tribes Friday afternoon.