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Evacuees Arrive at Logan Airport as Hurricane Florence Approaches



    Storm Evacuees Arrive at Logan Airport

    People from the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia arrived in Boston ahead of Hurricane Florence. (Published Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018)

    People have been told to get out of the path of Hurricane Florence and given what's happening here that seems to be the case.

    "This is the first time I've evacuated," Rene Moore said.

    The exodus from down south is still underway. A plane full of Hurricane Florence evacuees arrived this morning at Logan from Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

    "It's not a planned trip. I did come up to get out of the storm and we'll be here until Tuesday," Moore said.

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    They've made their way up north under various circumstances. This man lives in Boston and is working in Raleigh. He decided not to wait until the end of the week to come home.

    "The flights were all pretty much booked and luckily there was a cancellation that I was able to get on this morning," Morgan Johnson said.

    Logan was apparently quiet compared to airports down south. Talk of what could be the storm of a lifetime has people from the Carolinas and surrounding states on the move.

    "It's been crazy down there. It's been like when there's a big nor'easter up here, you know. Everybody's been preparing. There's been no gas for several days. There's nothing on the shelves in the stores," Karen Thajugdeen said.

    These women work in Raleigh and are relocating to their company's Boston offices until next week. Still, they had second thoughts about making the trip even as they were preparing to leave.

    "Right up until four this morning, still teetering back and forth, should we cancel, should we move forward," Robin Sloan said.

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