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FBI Contacts Police Investigating Threatening Letters in Natick

Police are investigating the 3 letters sent to the Natick homeowner as a possible hate crime



    Police in Natick, Massachusetts, are processing threatening letters left on the doorstep of a homeowner last week as evidence to a possible hate crime. (Published Monday, Nov. 14, 2016)

    The FBI has reached out to police investigating threatening letters left on a Massachusetts doorstep.

    Natick Police are considering the letters left at a man's home to be evidence to a possible hate crime.

    The letters were sent to a Maple Street home between Thursday and Friday. Police said one of the letters was hand written, the other one was typed. Two letters were allegedly placed in the homeowner's mailbox, while a third was mailed.

    One letter read: "Do not bring n*****s in our neighborhood. We will kill them."

    The second letter read: "Natick has a zero tolerance for black people. We have reclaimed our country back by selecting Trump, and you are now messing up everything."

    Tuesday, Natick Police Chief James Hicks confirmed the FBI contacted his department to offer assistance at the direction of U.S. Attorney General Carmen Ortiz.

    "They have some investigative tools that could be of assistance to us in this investigation," Hicks told necn.

    The homeowner, who does not want to be named, spoke to necn over the phone Monday saying he doesn't believe the person who sent them is a child.

    "My feelings are that this isn't just some normal kid that doesn't know this is an appropriate way to handle this, it's a crazy adult," the homeowner said. "I feel this is a very sick person that happens to be politically driven because I think with President Trump taking office there are some people that feel like that's a green light."

    The homeowner is white, but says his girlfriend, who's Dominican, just moved out in a "planned move" this weekend. He also says his housemate, who moved in ten days ago, is African American.

    "The housemate, the Ugandan woman, is not really aware of any of this because she's a nurse, she's been working off site, for like 6 days now," he said.

    Hicks said authorities spent Monday interviewing the homeowner's neighbors and friends to get leads, and are processing the letters for evidence.

    The alleged victim says police have also asked him to limit communications.

    "They have asked to limit the communications because its not going to help the person come out," the homeowner said. "If they know there's cameras everywhere they're not going to come out."

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