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Jury Continues Deliberations in Gary Lee Sampson Federal Death Penalty Trial



    Jurors are deciding whether Gary Lee Sampson should once again be sentenced to death for his deadly week-long rampage in 2001. (Published Friday, Jan. 6, 2017)

    Life or death – that's what a jury of seven men and five women are weighing for admitted murderer Gary Lee Sampson.

    Sampson confessed to carjacking and killing 19-year-old Jonathan Rizzo and 69-year-old Philip McCloskey in Massachusetts, before killing a third man in New Hampshire on a week-long rampage in July 2001.

    A jury sentenced Sampson to death in 2003, but that was tossed out for juror misconduct in 2011.

    Now this new jury will decide his fate once again.

    "Well, you have 12 different people deciding the case, they are able to consider his behavior over the years since he was sentenced," said NBC Boston Legal Editor Randy Chapman. "And the defendant's behavior over the past several years has not been exemplary."

    And it's not a simple yes or no decision.

    Jurors are faced with a complex verdict form, nearly 30 pages and with more than 250 decisions they may have to make – some of them unanimous – before they have officially reached a verdict in this case.

    "The only benchmark that we really have is the Tsarnaev case which was a very complicated jury slip, they are deciding issues about whether or not somebody's going to be put to death, which is nothing that should ever be taken lightly."

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