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Griswold, Conn. Triple Murder Suspects Appear in Court

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    Griswold Triple Murder Suspects Appear in Court

    The brother and sister accused in a 2017 triple murder in Griswold appeared in court for a hearing on Wednesday. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019)

    A probable case hearing continued on Wednesday in the state’s murder case against Sergio Correa.

    The suspect, along with his sister Ruth Correa, are accused of killing Kenneth, Janet and Matthew Lindquist in December 2017.

    Ruth Correa was arrested first by state police and gave them a statement implicating her brother.

    On Wednesday, Sergio’s attorney, Joseph Lopez grilled Ruth Correa about her statements. Lopez asked repeatedly if Correa’s statements on May 11 were correct.

    During cross-examination, Correa described her reasoning the inaccuracies.

    “On May 11, my memory was shocked,” said Correa. “

    The testimony follows her gruesome details on Tuesday about what happened on Dec. 20, 2017.

    Correa claims Matthew Lindquist conspired with Sergio Correa to exchange his parents’ guns for drugs and to pay off a debt but that instead her brother killed Matthew Lindquist and then broke into his parents' home to rob them. She claimed Sergio Correa killed them both and set the house on fire to cover their tracks.

    In an interview with state police detectives, Ruth Correa blamed much of the violence on her brother, who she traveled from Hartford to Griswold with that night. She said he killed both Kenneth and Janet Lindquist after hitting Matthew Lindquist in the head with a machete, arrest records show.

    The defense also called for clarity in Ruth’s Facebook messages and text messages going through at least seven people who Ruth spoke with and eluding to her involvement in the case.

    Ruth Correa stated that she did not tell anyone about the murders but, according to a statement from Correa’s former cellmate, that is false.

    The State Attorney’s office says it might recommend that Ruth serve 40 years on three accounts of felony murder in exchange for her honest testimony during the probable cause hearing.

    This week’s probable cause hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to take Sergio Correa’s case to trial.

    The state’s attorney office and the defense battled back and forth about DNA results that may link Sergio Correa to the December 2017 murders.

    During the investigation, State Police detectives issued a search and seizure warrant to obtain DNA from Sergio Correa.

    But, the defense battled back against the lead’s detective’s experience and his reasoning for linking the matches.

    Ruth Correa also said that after Sergio beat Matthew's parents, Janet and Kenneth Lindquist to death, the siblings poured flammable liquid through the house and Sergio set the fire.