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Cops: "Gypsies" Arrested Over Illegal Home Repairs



    Cops: "Gypsies" Arrested Over Illegal Home Repairs
    Stamford Police
    Tommy and Bobby White are gypsies accused of taking thousands of dollars for shoddy and illegal home repairs.

    An East Haven couple who described themselves as "Gypsies" have been accused of making shoddy and illegal repairs on the homes of two elderly women and taking tens of thousands of dollars from them, according to police in Stamford.

    Police arrested Tommy Miller, 44, and his wife, Bobbie White, also 44, after an eight-month investigation. Police said the investigation proved difficult because the neither one has formal identification, has ever held a typical job or has a driver’s license. The couple also moved around on a regular basis.

    According to police, the couple befriended an 80-year old woman from Ogden Road in Stamford and an 86-year-old woman from Vine Road after meeting them at Newfield Shopping Center in June 2014.

    Police said they talked the two victims into allowing them to perform general home and car repairs. However, the work they did was inadequate and posed a danger to the homeowner because of poor quality. One victim lost $38,000 and the other lost $2,200, police said.

    Both suspects were described as Gypsies, also know as Roma, and unlicensed home improvement contractors who are in business with their sons, according to police.

    Miller and White were each charged with two counts of second-degree larceny two counts of conspiracy at second-degree larceny and two counts of impersonating a licensed home improvement contractor.

    Their bonds were set at $43,100 apiece. They're due in court Thursday.