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'Hall Hill Bandit' Charged for Nine Burglaries



    'Hall Hill Bandit' Charged for Nine Burglaries
    Connecticut State Police
    Brett Vincent and Lauren Norris

    The self-titled "Hall Hill Bandit" is being charged with nine different break-ins in Somers, police said.

    Brent Vincent, 20, of Enfield, has been charged with multiple accounts of burglary, theft, larceny and criminal trespass. 

    Late August, police started to get reports about vehicles, garages and residential burglaries in Somers. State police were able to obtain an arrest warrent for Vincent who has been in custody since Oct. 29. HIs accomplice, Lauren Norris, 19, was arrested on Dec. 20 for criminal trespassing and attempt to commit larceny, the police report said. 

    Vincent is being held with a $115,000 bond and Norris with a $50,000 bond.