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Hanson Town Administrator Accused of OUI



    Man Accused of Driving Drunk

    Hanson’s Town Administrator, Michael McCue, is accused of driving a town vehicle while he was under the influence of alcohol. It allegedly happened last Wednesday, when he crashed the car and he hit a woman who is 16 weeks pregnant. Police say it is McCue’s second OUI, his first coming in 1995. The town’s board of selectmen are meeting tomorrow where they will discuss his employment status.

    (Published Monday, June 3, 2019)

    The Town Administrator in Hanson, Massachusetts, is accused of driving drunk and crashing his car last Wednesday.

    Michael McCue was behind the wheel when he crashed his car near the corner of Route 1 and Park Street in North Attleboro, striking the car of a woman who was 16 weeks pregnant in the process.

    Police say it's McCue's second OUI, his first coming back in 1995.

    According to a police report filed in town, McCue initially told officers that he hadn't been drinking, before changing his story to having "a few beers at lunch." Officers asked him to complete a field sobriety test by reciting the alphabet from B to M, but he continued on to N, O, P and Q before stopping.

    There's no word on the condition of the pregnant woman. The Board of Selectmen in Hanson, which appointed McCue, will meet on Tuesday where they could discuss his future.