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How Did the Boston Yeti Spend the Blizzard?

He took in a movie, bought a couple records and even rode the MBTA!



    How Did the Boston Yeti Spend the Blizzard?

    So how did the Boston Yeti spend the Blizzard of 2016?

    Well, it wasn't actually a blizzard in Boston and Somerville, but that didn't stop the yeti from having some fun. 

    He told necn that he started the day by catching a matinee movie. Almost as soon as it let out, the snow began falling. "My heart rate increased and I soon headed for the outdoors," he said.

    After leaving the Back Bay area, the Boston Yeti said his first stop was Loyal Supply Co. in Union Square.

    "I LOVE popping into small, local business to see what's happening. To my surprise they had a beautiful 1911 printing press which they taught me how to use. It was a blast - and historically significant."

    Since he was already in the area, he popped into Grooves to see if they had any vinyl that interested him. He found some David Bowie and early Elton John.

    From there, the abominable snowman grabbed his shovel and headed out, helping to clear some sidewalks in the Somerville area. He even took pictures with a few passersby.

    "As the wind really starting picking up, I decided to head home and listen to my new records," he said. "I caught a bus and headed out. I'm happy to report the MBTA was running smoothly and my bus came right on time."

    Looks like the MBTA might have found itself a new spokesman!

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