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How Will Government Shutdown Affect Massachusetts?



    Boston Affected by Government Shutdown

    Conflict in Washington that caused the federal government to enter a partial shutdown on Friday is having an effect on businesses and services in Boston.

    (Published Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018)

    With the federal government shutdown coming to fruition in Washington, many are wondering what will happen in the Bay State.

    The first people to feel the effects of a government shutdown in Massachusetts will be the state's several thousand non-essential federal employees, who would immediately stop getting paid. And at whom might they point blame?

    "Normally, we suggest that anything that happens when one party controls the government is the responsibility of that party," said Stonehill College Dean and Professor Peter Ubertaccio.

    That would be the Republican Party. But Republicans, along with President Donald Trump, are doing their best to put the blame on Democrats for demanding legal status for DACA recipients as part of the deal. So Ubertaccio sees both parties feeling the fallout.

    How Would Government Shutdown Affect Massachusetts?

    [NECN] How Would Government Shutdown Affect Massachusetts?

    With government shutdown looming, how could it impact Massachusetts?

    (Published Friday, Jan. 19, 2018)

    "I think there's just a general frustration with the way Washington is not working," he said.

    And the frustration will grow as people increasingly feel the effects.

    National parks will close. That means no trips to Yosemite.

    Closer to home, the USS Constitution and the Constiution Museum will remain open.

    "As a cultural institution we believe wholeheartedly in providing public access to our national treasures,” said Anne Grimes Rand, President of the USS Constitution Museum. “As a non-profit partner, the USS Constitution Museum will remain open to the public seven days a week."

    The Boston FBI said on Twitter that they will continue to work despite the shutdown. "All FBI agents & support personnel in field offices are excepted from furlough," wrote the agency, "we remain focused on our mission to protect the communities we serve."

    There will be no opportunity to enroll in Social Security, and any questions or advice needed from the IRS would have to be put on hold. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says his administration has already been working with relevant agencies to determine what a shutdown would mean for Massachusetts.

    Baker says a short-term shut down would have very little impact on most of Massachusetts.

    "Obviously, if it were to drag out beyond a short period of time, we would have to make some adjustments as we go," he added.

    For example, the Head Start programs which serve underprivileged pre-schoolers would eventually have to shut their doors.

    Not affected by the shutdown would be U.S. Post Offices, air traffic control and, contrary to what the president has suggested, the military.

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